TTC accordion guys

Despacito accordion players in more trouble with the TTC

Toronto's infamous accordion-playing brothers were busted yet again this week after TTC officers heard the telltale sounds of Luis Fonsi's "Despacito"coming from a subway.

It sounded just like what can be heard in so many videos taken by members of the public — like live accordion music — and it might have been, at one time. But Tuesday night was different.

A source with knowledge of the incident reveals that TTC officers found a Bluetooth speaker in the fanny packs worn by each brother when they were cited on Tuesday night.

The speakers were on, active and connected to a cell phone, which was also in a fanny pack, though it is not yet clear whether the phone had pre-recorded songs on it.

This could mean several things, the most scandalous being that one or both of the Italian brothers may have been fake-playing the accordion this entire time, à la Milli Vanilli.

The second possibility is that they get tired sometimes, leading them to they finger-synth (so to speak) their own music, à la Ashlee Simpson.

They might also just carry around powerful Bluetooth speakers to blare a back-beat while they play. There are other possible explanations too. Tons of them.

It's hard to say, judging by the videos alone, but there are tons of accordion Despacito covers on YouTube to compare their work against.

TTC Spokesperson Stuart Green said by phone that he couldn't confirm the men were faking, but did reveal that the Despacito guys have now been issued three $235 tickets, as well as three more summonses to appear before a justice of the peace.

"If they're pulling a Milli Vanilli, the people who like their music are going to be disappointed to hear that," he said. "But in all seriousness, they need to stop. Their behaviour is causing an accessibility issue, which is what we're most concerned about."

Green said that, in addition to disturbing the peace and panhandling, the buskers are masking the sounds that people who are visually impaired need to hear to navigate the subway system.

The men, who now also play "Havana" by Camila Cabello are scheduled for their first court appearance tomorrow at Old City Hall, but it won't be their last.

Each man was issued another summons on Tuesday night, according to Green, after they were caught by TTC staff.

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Nelson De Melo

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