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The top 5 gyms with live DJs in Toronto

Gyms with live DJs in Toronto have been growing steadily in number over the past few years, as downtown fitness studios attempt to pump up the workout experience for a young, party-ready client base. (It's just like going to the club, except a lot less alcohol and a lot more stationary bikes. The room temperature and clothing tightness, however, remain exactly the same.)

For years, spin gyms were on top when it came to live DJ fitness (which is fitting, if you love puns). More recent additions to the city's fitness scene will let you do yoga, full-body workouts, and even muay thai to live-mixed beats; now, you've got plenty options for pumping up the volume / your heart rate.

Here are my picks for the top 5 gyms with live DJs in Toronto.

Hard Candy Fitness
The Madonna-owned chain of gyms caused a stir in the city when it landed in Toronto last fall. While it wasn't the first in town to give fitness buffs a chance to sweat it out to live beats, it certainly gives DJs the most time on the schedule of any gym in town, with multiple live-spin classes booked weekly. Currently, they offer twice-weekly 90-minute "Electric Yoga" classes soundtracked by DJ QT Pie and DJ Alasi, as well as an interval-based 45-minute DJ Drive spin class.

Quad Spin
This Toronto chain of spin gyms has been hosting live DJ classes for years - way before upstarts like Hard Candy landed on the scene. Instructors and DJs lead the class through a series of tunes, letting the music set the pace for an impromptu interval session. They're added to the schedule at their King West and Queen East locations here and there - check the Quad site to find out if there's another one scheduled soon.

The west-end spin gym is known around town for their fleet of Real Ryders - bikes that twist and turn like a real-world ride. If that's not enough to get you moving, they host monthly 75-minute spin classes soundtracked by DJ Jacopo and DJ Earlscourt. The next one's set for October 21 - check their schedule to stay on top of future classes. (If you miss it, there's always the Jack White-themed ride next month...)

Studio Lagree
The Lagree chain of fitness studios offers full-body, Pilates-ish workouts on a giant device called a "mega former" at King West and Forest Hill locations; every few weeks, a DJ will soundtrack one of their 50-minute classes. Follow them on Facebook to find out when the next one is happening.

Krudar Muay Thai
Krudar in Kensington Market just started doing DJ classes on Thursday nights. DJ Geoff Brown starts spinning house at 6pm, just as beginner's muay thai classes and spin sessions take over the gym. Punching to the beat: An excellent training technique.

Did I miss any? Leave your favourite gyms with live DJs in the comments.

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