MTV gets Fucked Up... Again

When inviting local punk band Fucked Up back to MTV Live, they had to have suspected that something out of the ordinary might happen.

The first time they were on the show back in January of 2007, overzealous fans ended up ripping apart parts of the stage, moshing, and causing a couple of thousand dollars worth of damage.

Tonight, the band was back. Sound check went alright, but when they went live, they kinda... um... trashed the bathroom.

Ceiling tiles were ripped down, spray paint went up on the walls ("Kurt RIP VP" and "Fucked Up", are my interpretations), and motor oil was spilled on the floor (as weird as that sounds) from a motorcycle that was brought into the building by the band and apparently damaged in the fray (you can see it on knocked over onto its side in the video).

Is pulling stunts like this gets how Fucked Up plans to take a shortcut to fame? Some might argue that you can't buy press like this for a mere few thousand bucks, but you can fix the bathroom for a few thousand bucks. One thing is for sure - they won't be getting invites to play at venues that like to have their walls remain intact.

I spoke to MTV Live host Daryn Jones about tonight's show. He seems to be taking it in stride. "We're happy to have them on the show because we really like their music, Daryn insists. "We figured that having them perform in the bathroom would look cool."

But from the first beat of the drum, things were going haywire. "It was crazy... it was chaos." And after seeing the photos, one can only assume that the clean up will cost some more dollars.

Fucked Up play tonight at midnight at Sneaky Dee's. Let's hope they've padded the walls and checked for Krylon cans at the door. Or not. It's not like Sneaky Dee's couldn't use some more graf and holes. If they're lucky, frontman Pink Eyes won't get fully naked.

My suggestion for the next time they play on MTV Live? Put them in a room full of things we want to see them fuck up.

Photo courtesy of MTV Live. More photos popping up at raymitheminx.com.

Update (October 11th, 12:08pm):

More photos, these by Phil Ogynist:

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