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Hunny Pot

Hunny Pot is the first physical cannabis retailer in Toronto to legally sell flowers, oils, and accessories made for and from Canadian-grown weed. 

Spanning three-and-a-half floors, the brand's flagship location has transformed the old New Era hat store into the Queen West destination for all things Mary Jane. 

hunny pot torontoWith a sophisticated entry system, crystalline displays, and sniffing pods galore, the store marks a new era for Toronto weed-buyers who, up until Hunny Pot's opening, have only been able to enjoy their weed by the grace of the OCS, or through more clandestine methods

Customers must first check into the store with a valid ID that proves they're at least 19 years old. Only after you've been verified will you be permitted into the main area of the store to explore all the sativas, indicas, and hybrids available. 

hunny pot torontoThe second you step inside, you'll be greeted by a knowledgeable Budtender armed with an iPad. 

Whether you're proficient in weed-speak or it's your first time buying, these personal guides can help direct you to the strain or product you're looking for. hunny pot torontoOn the second floor of the store (there's no elevator here) is the the first bud bar, where you'll find about 15 different types of featured strains and staff picks. 

You're likely to spot more premium brands like San Rafael's '71, with strains like the classic Pink Kush and the citrusy Tangerine Dream, both high in THC. 

hunny pot torontoSniffing pods allow you to give the sticky icky a whiff before you buy, while a built-in magnifying glass lets you take a closer gander at all that tantalizing kief. 

hunny pot torontoPrices per gram or for pre-rolled joints aren't readily available—hence the iPad and the friendly pot professional—though THC and CBD percentage is written on the pod. 

hunny pot torontoMost of the time, it's available by the gram, but it depends. Your personal budtender will be able to let you know how much your preferred strain costs, and how much of it you can buy.

On the top floor is the second bud bar with the rest of the strains. This is also the only floor where weed on display is available in pre-rolled joints as well, and in capsule or gel form. 

hunny pot torontoAccessories are scattered on both upper levels of the store. You'll find plenty of vaporizers from brands like DaVinci and Famous X, grinders from Canacrush and Hydra Cali, and even an oil infuser from Levo, "the Keurig of oil infusers." 

hunny pot torontoAlso available around the store are sativa and indica cannabis oils from brands like Edison Cannabis Co., Soleil, and Hexo, the latter of which also offers an CBD elixir oral spray. 

hunny pot torontoOnce you've chosen your product, your Budtender will ask your name, and punch your order into their iPad, sending it off into the system. To pay, just head to either counters on the second or the lowest levels, and you'll be flying high in no time. 

hunny pot torontoYou might have thought Hunny Pot's name was just a play on the word 'pot,' but really it's a combination of that plus the store owner's actual name, Hunny Gawri. Not to be redundant, but all things given, this place is pretty sweet. 

hunny pot toronto

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Hunny Pot

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