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Body and Spirit Cannabis

Body and Spirit Cannabis is selling weed and a wide assortment of glass bongs in the heart of downtown. 

Just steps away from the black hole that is Yonge-Dundas Square, Body and Spirit fits right into the mess, with an exterior amp blasting hip-hop and R&B. 

body and spirit torontoThe store is also located right under the Indian buffet spot Joe's Buffet Palace and, more ironically, next to the strip club Zanzibar — a locale that owner Al Shefsky admits has a "kind of synergy". 

Walk into the store and you're greeted with a massive photograph of reggae legend and Legalize It singer Peter Tosh: a photo which Shefsky took at an intimate show in Maui in 1983. 

body and spirit torontoBody and Spirit has a simple set up. Not every type of flower is on display, but a digital menu displays all the types of product available — flowers, oils, vapes, topicals and more — and for how much.

body and spirit torontoOne thing that stands out is Body and Spirit shows the exact THC percentage of each product when scrolling on the iPad.

body and spirit torontoMost weed stores only display the range, since the percentage will vary from one batch to the next. Body and Spirit updates its system daily to reflect the cannabinoid content of each new batch, so there's no uncertainty, especially when ranges can vary pretty dramatically.

body and spirit torontoThe day I visit, there's a ridiculously potent pre-roll of Subway Scientist by RIFF with a whopping 29.8 per cent THC content for $15. 

body and spirit torontoThe store also offers pressed hash from 48North (Shefsky used to work for the company back when it was just DelShen Therapeutics) made from pure kief for $35 with THC levels that can go up tp 50 per cent.

body and spirit torontoAnother thing that stands out is the wall of glass bongs. They carry brands like Hoss, GRAV, and KAOS, which range from $70 to $150. There are also pipes and dab rigs. 

body and spirit torontoYou don't often see one-ounce proportions displayed, which offer great value for your money as far as 28 grams of weed is concerned. Good Supply Monkey Glue is just $160. 

The cheapest thing here is probably a Lola Montes pre-roll from Edison Cannabis Co. for just $5.

body and spirit torontoThere are cannabis beverages here, like an Aurora Drift THC Citrus Shot. It tastes sort of like orange juice, but with the legal max of 10 milligrams of THC for $9. 

body and spirit torontoThere are also a mango passion fruit drinks and lavender tea packets from Everie.

body and spirit torontoIf you're craving something sweet, the Aurora Drift chocolate caramel half-spheres have two milligrams of THC and a small amount of CBD. The box is $23.75. 

body and spirit torontoThere are over 40 types of papers offered here. You'll find all the Zig Zag types, at least six kinds of Raws, flavoured stuff and blunt wraps.

body and spirit torontoThere's also a Raw Six Shooter cone filler device for $25 after tax.

The vape selection includes the disposable Soleis, and maybe the most expensive thing in the store: A Volcano Digit for $799.99 from Storz and Bickel.

body and spirit torontoGlass cases have some fun stuff like dab spoons like the "Tokemon" for $11.38 before tax (I'm partial to the Eevee), and Supreme bangers for dab rigs. 

body and spirit torontoIf you're interested in making your own weed butters or oils, Body and Spirit sells extraction equipment.

There's Magical Butter, which will let you decarboxylate your flower and add it to a fatty substance of your choice (minimum of two cups) for $200. There's also an Onorok botanical diffuser that does essentially the same thing. 

body and spirit toronto

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Body and Spirit Cannabis

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