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Canna Cabana

Canna Cabana is a recreational weed shop selling flower, oils, sprays, and accessories in downtown Toronto. 

Hailing from Alberta, this outpost of the High Tide Inc.-owned chain marks the fifth and last licensed cannabis retailer (in the first wave since store legalization, anyway) to open in Toronto. canna cabana torontoIt's the only Canna Cabana location in the city so far, but across the province, this growing brand already has stores in Hamilton and Sudbury, and plans to open more. 

canna cabana torontoThis space (formerly a California Sandwiches) is by no means the largest weed store in the city: it's packed with display cases, making a trip around the aisles a bit snug.

To be fair, the shop does have one of the more well-rounded selections of weed, accessories, and papes. canna cabana torontoPre-rolled joints are located in the first display, sativas in the next, then hybrids.

canna cabana torontoIf indicas are your preferred type of weed, this might be your shop: these deeper strains make up a good 40 percent of the stock, and take up two display cases at the back. 

canna cabana torontoYou'll find the usual LPs like Aurora, Liiv, and Edison, with all strains available in at least a gram or an eighth. All flower has the tax included in the price. 

canna cabana torontoOne thing that stands out is a signature five-pack of weed, which comes in a box for $79 and lets you sample strains you might not otherwise buy.

The box comes with five grams of weed in total: two types of sativa, two types of indica, and one hybrid. 

canna cabana torontoThere's also about 12 different types of CBD oils, oral sprays from RIFF ($42.28) and capsules like the popular Lemon Skunk from DNA Genetics ($76.11), which comes with 15 capsules a bottle. 

canna cabana torontoAlong the walls behind the counters is an extensive bong selection, with brands like Dopezilla and Vodka ($109.90-$189).

canna cabana torontoUnfortunately, they don't carry any High Tide's Famous Brandz products like the Snoop Dogg or Cheech&Chong lines here, but there are some easy-to-clean silicone pipes, which range from $5.90 to $148.90.

canna cabana torontoGrinders are aplenty, ranging from around $9.90 to $39.90. 

canna cabana torontoTo top it off, the variety of papers is commendable. Juicy Jays pre-rolls are sold in flavours like banana, absinthe, candy cane, or the favourite Grape Jones for $3. 

canna cabana torontoAn employee will help you fill up a basket with all your necessities, and give you a number, butcher shop-style. Head to the cashier where you'll have to show your ID (you'll be carded at the door as well), and buy your weed with cards or cash. 

canna cabana torontoAnd if you're a return customer, make sure to drop off all that excessive plastic cannabis packaging in their recycling bin. 

canna cabana toronto

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Canna Cabana

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