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Mila Kunis says she would move to Toronto if winter didn't suck so much

American actress and wise human being Mila Kunis fell in love with Toronto while filming Luckiest Girl Alive last year, according to a recent interview with the star — but you won't catch her copping a 416 phone number anytime soon, and for very good reason.

"I've only ever shot in Canada when I was like in my 20s, so I never got to experience the aspects of Canada that I took for granted, or Toronto, let me be specific" said the 39-year-old California resident in a "Q & Eh" video produced for the Netflix In Your Neighbourhood feature.

Kunis was blown away by "just how family friendly Toronto is," hailing the neighbourhood she came to call home while she filmed here in the summer months of 2021.

"I loved it. My kids loved it. We lived in a place called The Beaches, which is this teeny, tiny little enclave and they had the greatest summer," said Kunis.

"I absolutely love it. I was ready to move there. And then my husband reminded me about your winters... and then I chose against it. But I was down for the summer."

It's hard to blame the woman, especially around this dark, grey, chilly, gross time of year... but who knows what might have happened if Ashton Kutcher hadn't intervened?

Kunis at least has a solid bread plug for when she coes back to visit.

"There's like a local bakery that we started going to so often they would like start putting things aside for the kids," said the actress of COBS Bread in The Beaches, describing it as "wonderful" and praising the staff there as "so lovely."

You can see more of the local businesses where Kunis and the cast of Luckiest Girl Alive spent time last summer via Netflix In Your Neighbourhood, which highlights local filming spots for a whole host of Canada-shot movies and TV show.

Baro, Stackt Market and Hart House are among the filming locations identified for the movie, but COBS got the best publicity of all from this flick, it seems, thanks to its outrageously good bread and one very famous actor's appreciation of said bread.

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