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Arnold Schwarzenegger gives huge compliment to local man while biking in Toronto

It's not everyday you see Arnold Schwarzenegger biking around Toronto - (though it seems to becoming more common). It's also not everyday The Terminator compliments you on your physique.

But that's exactly what happened to one lucky person who happened to stroll by The Austrian Oak just a few days ago.

According to Toronto resident named Saverio, he recently caught Schwarzenegger biking around the city with his security entourage and instantly recognized the megastar.

Perhaps what is is even more surprising is that Schwarzenegger struck up a conversation with Saverio - and not the other way around.

"But what struck me is he started the conversation as soon as I looked at him and he noticed I noticed it [was] him and he's like 'looking good!'," Saverio said while detailing his experience.

A bit star struck, Saverio asked the former Governor of California's permission for a picture, which his security detail immediately shot down.

"His security said no but then [Schwarzenegger] turned around and complimented my biceps and he said 'oh come on, look at his biceps,' then he said 'your only getting a picture because you have nice biceps!'."

What a compliment!

Saverio admits he was left speechless by the comment and tried to remain cool, calm and collected when posing for a quick snap.

After this, Schwarzenegger took off on his bike and pedaled into the sunset. 

This isn't the first time Schwarzenegger has been spotted cycling through Toronto, around a month ago he and Tom Arnold were spotting pedalling around Spadina Avenue - a cigar in mouth.

In May, Schwarzenegger was also spotted biking at University Avenue and Queen Street West. It appears the five time Mr. Universe and seven time Mr. Olympia has a penchant for cycling in the city!

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