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Dan Levy shared an adorable moment from his sister's wedding and fans are loving it

Schitt's Creek star and Toronto icon Dan Levy's sister got married over the weekend, and the heartwarming post that the celeb shared to celebrate shows that the duo serves as the ultimate in sibling goals.

Sarah Levy, who plays Twyla on the show co-created by Dan and father Eugene, tied the knot with actor and producer Graham Outerbridge in West Hollywood on Saturday in an intimate ceremony that looked too damn sweet.

Social media posts from both Sarah and Dan showed moments from the wedding, which came as a surprise to many given that Sarah and Outerbridge's engagement after their three-year partnership was never formally announced.

While the younger Levy posted some swoon-worthy photobooth snaps of her and her beau with the simple caption "bells are ringing," older brother Dan shared a more candid moment of him and his sis belting out some '90s pop on the dance floor.

"My sister got married this weekend. This is absolutely not a photo of us screaming the lyrics to S Club Party on the dance floor. Love you, @sarahplevy," Dan wrote.

"This is just everything," friend and singer Rachel Stevens wrote in an Instagram story sharing the photo and caption, which Dan then re-shared on his own story.

"This is the best," "this is glorious," and "ain't no party like an S Club party," others added in comments on the pic.

Some also speculated on what appear to be Eugene Levy's hands in the foreground, proudly presenting his children and their perfect bond.

"Are those your dad’s hands? I want them so badly to be your dad’s hands because that looks so much like a 'those are my kids' gesture!," one fan added.

"So much joy in this photo! Thank you so much for sharing, Dan," another chimed.

Overall, the party seemed like it was indeed filled with tons of joy and love, and was also just a rollicking good time.

With the wild success of the Levy family and their popular and award-winning show shot right here in Ontario, they definitely have lots of reasons to celebrate lately.

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