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The new Silence of the Lambs spinoff show Clarice has been spotted filming all over Toronto

It's been 30 years since Silence of the Lambs was first released, and apparently the lambs are still screaming, because the film now has its own spinoff show on CBS called Clarice

Set one year after the events of the film, the series follows protaganist Clarice Starling as she navigates life in the FBI, post-Hannibal Lecter. 

If you've happened to spot people on film sets dressed like detectives from the 90s, or police cars that say Washington DC, you've likely stumbled on the cast and crew of Clarice. 

clarice toronto

The CBS show Clarice will be filming at this home on Judson St. in Etobicoke until Friday. Photo via Google Maps.

The show, which debuted on February 11, has been filming in Toronto since September. The crew is currently filming in a house in Etobicoke until this Friday. 

Residents in the vicinity have been alerted that trucks, lighting lifts, and other prop vehicles will be swarming the area by Coronation Park for the filming. 

Not long before that, a row of old cars were spotted along Lakefront Promenade for the show.

Crews were also recently seen at Toronto's oldest restaurant, The Senator

On another day, crews were spotted at Peter Pan Bistro on Queen West. In December, notices were sent out about filming at the historic building 504 Jarvis St. 

You might also spot some old school cars with New York license plates, and the word VICAP, which stands for the FBI's Violent Criminal Apprehension Program. 

You won't be seeing Jodie Foster around, since her character is now being played by Rebecca Breeds, or Anthony Hopkins (due to licensing, the show isn't even allowed to mention Hannibal by name.) 

According to the City of Toronto, the show will keep continue filming in Toronto until March 31. 

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Anita Winndisman

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