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Here are the best things that happened during Dan Levy's first time hosting SNL

The City of Toronto just had a particularly noteworthy weekend in terms of representation on the world stage  — and while the Weeknd definitely did Scarborough proud during his Super Bowl halftime performance Sunday, Toronto-born actor Dan Levy also did right by his hometown during his very first time hosting Saturday Night Live

Levy's episode was filled with both memorable and laughable moments, the first of which occurred during his monologue. 

The Canadian writer, actor, producer, and director began his opening monologue by mentioning the international acclaim — however delayed it may have been — received by Schitt's Creek in its final season, and he also poked fun at one of the most iconic lines from the show, which he said people now yell at him in the streets constantly: "Ew, David."

Then, after a backstage walk-through demonstrating hilariously strict COVID-19 protocols, Eugene Levy — the actor's father, co-star on Schitt's Creek, and yet another national treasure — made an appearance. 

Levy greeted his son from inside a clear glass box due to the fact that he had just gotten off a plane, and Canadians sure got a kick out of seeing the beloved SCTV star on screen alongside his mini-me. 

Following the monologue, the long-time MTV Canada host appeared in a number of hilarious skits, including one in which he played a guide on the "Universal Studios Orlando Tram Tour" who, instead of simply sharing trivia from films, shares controversial, inappropriate conspiracy theories with the guests.

Levy also appeared in a painfully accurate scene about COVID-19 safety wherein every individual claims they've been so safe that they deserve to break the rules and have a gathering with friends, but it's quickly revealed that none of them have really been safe at all. 

One of the funniest scenes from Levy's episode, though, was a skit about people in their late 30s who think looking at houses on Zillow is better than sex. 

The actor also appeared in a satirical sketch about the It Gets Better Project, which accurately communicates the message that some things get better and easier as you grow up — while others get harder and far, far worse. 

On the day of his performance, Levy's mom, Deborah Divine, posted a heartwarming tweet to show just how far her son has come over the years and to send a message to all those who tried to bring him down as a child. 

"This goes out to the bully punks at Camp WTF who made life miserable for a certain cabin-mate back in the the summer of '96 - just because he was different," she wrote

"Well, after all these years I have just 7 words to say to you: 'Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!'"

And even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave Levy a shout-out for doing a great job and making Canada proud. 

But it's clear that if anyone's dream came true on Saturday night, it was Levy's.

"So many people worked so hard to make this dream a reality," wrote the actor on social media following the show. "Thanks to everyone behind the scenes and to the incredible cast and crew @nbcsnl for holding my hand through it all."

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