This Week in Film: Inescapable, Toronto VeloReel, TIFF, Toronto Independent Film Festival, and what's new in DVD & BluRay

This Week in Film rounds up noteworthy new releases in theatres, as well as key DVD / Blu-Ray releases, festivals, and other cinema-related events happening in Toronto.


This is the final week of TIFF, so there isn't much opening in Toronto. If you want an intelligent thrill ride I suggest Inescable, if you want a hilariously raunchy romcom go see For A Good Time, Call..., and for a mindless popcorn flick you could do worse than the new installment in the neverending Resident Evil franchise.

Inescapable (Varsity)
From critically acclaimed Canadian filmmaker Ruba Nadda, Inescapable features Alexander Siddig, Joshua Jackson and Marisa Tomei, in a tense thriller about a father whose daughter disappears in Damascus, forcing him to return to the country he tried to leave behind three decades before, in order to get her back. Ruba told me the kernel of the story idea came from her father, who instead of saying "have a good trip" used to say "don't go missing--I don't want to have to come looking for you". If you didn't get a chance to see this at TIFF, you can catch it at the Varsity starting this Friday.



For recommendations on what to catch at Toronto's rep cinemas this week, check out This Week in Rep Cinema.


TIFF (September 6-16; various venues)
Yes, the Toronto International Film Festival is still on. If you haven't attended anything — whether on account of the fact that you couldn't make up your mind or simply didn't have time — you still have time to grab a few tickets. I suggest you attend at least one Midnight Madness film to get a real taste of the fest. ABC's of Death (Friday) and John Dies At The End (Saturday) are the two biggest draws. Even if tickets are sold out, you can join the rush line or buy spares from people in line.

Toronto Independent Film Festival (September 6-15; Toronto Underground)
This is your last chance to be at the Toronto Underground before it's gone for good. Go check out some low-budget indie work. Tickets are $8 per evening (including all films screened that evening). Seriously go.

Toronto VeloReel
Toronto VeloReel is a one day film festival which is working towards "cultivating community & celebrating bike culture through film." The festival premieres September 15th at 7 Fraser Ave in the historic Liberty Village, and is guest curated by The Deadly Nightshades, "Toronto's only all girl bike gang/arts collective."


6 Bullets [DVD]
Blindness [BLU-RAY]
Bridemaids [BLU-RAY]
Child's Play [BLU-RAY]
Chronos [BLU-RAY]
Five Year Engagement [DVD & BLU-RAY]
The Hand That Rocks The Cradle [BLU-RAY]
High School [DVD & BLU-RAY]
Jeepers Creepers [BLU-RAY]
Killer Klowns From Outer Space [BLU-RAY]
Re-Animator [BLU-RAY]
Sleepwalkers [BLU-RAY]
Titanic [BLU-RAY]

Still from Inescapable

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