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Two Dollarama locations across street from each other is the most Toronto thing ever

Discount chain Dollarama has grown to become a ubiquitous presence in Toronto, so much so that the brand appears to have started to step on its own toes in a scramble to cement its dollar-store dominance in the city.

For over a year now, there have been two Dollarama locations basically right across the street from one another on Yonge Street, a short distance north of Eglinton subway station.

dollarama yonge eglinton

It doesn't matter whether you're on the east or west side of the major thoroughfare, a Dollarama has got you covered with its peculiar twinned locations at 2329 Yonge St and 2360 Yonge St.

dollarama yonge eglinton

The 2329 Yonge St. location, on the east side of Yonge just north of Roehampton Avenue, opened its doors in mid-2021, replacing the shuttered location of a Solutions home store that occupied the building for several years.

dollarama yonge eglinton

But that presence seemingly wasn't enough for the brand, which would open another location virtually across the street in early 2023 at 2360 Yonge Street, within the base of the new Whitehaus Condos development on the west side of the street.

dollarama yonge eglinton

Over one year since the area was elevated to Dual-laramas, it has become clear that the pre-existing store isn't relocating or closing any time soon.

While it may appear that Dollarama apparently just figured the area could use a second location a stone's throw away from the first, the preexisting location is indeed destined for redevelopment. But until that day arrives, there will be two Dollaramas on this block.

Online reviews indicate a mix of confusion and delight from locals in the midtown area.

One reviewer summed up the thoughts of many locals, writing of the more recent 2360 Yonge location, "Although I do not understand why a new Dollarama just across the street from the other one, the size makes it special."

The review goes on to praise the new location's size and well-stocked shelves, noting that despite its basement location, an elevator actually makes the new location more accessible than the preexisting store across Yonge.

Other reviewers have poked fun at the curious choice for a new location, like one who wrote, "Behold, the lost Dollarama hidden within the compound of a newly built condo."

The humorous comment builds lore for the new dollar store, writing, "Legend says there's an ancient tunnel connecting this Dollarama with the Dollarama on the side of the Yonge St."

"Down the vinyl staircase you'll find yourself in a parallel universe version of the Dollarama from across the street, where the store isn't split into 2 storeys, where each aisle isn't packed like a sardine can, and it's in pristine shape, like a lizard entombed by an amber droplet 50 million years ago," the reviewer continued.

blogTO has reached out to Dollarama seeking comment on the two Yonge Street locations.

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