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Nordstrom in Toronto tries to sell single shoes in last-ditch efforts of clearance sale

Despite the fact that Nordstrom's big liquidation sale started off extremely disappointing for shoppers who were expecting major savings in the wake of the company's decision to pull out of Canada, the Eaton Centre location of the department store has now successfully sold off the bulk of its merchandise as it wraps up operations.

Discounts that started with a measly 5 per cent off back in March finally increased over the last few months to make the clearance event worth consumers' while, and a trip to the store this week shows it almost completely bare, with only a select few items left up for grabs.

In its last-ditch efforts to get rid of absolutely every item it has north of the border, the brand has even been selling off store fixtures and other interesting wares.

Among the less practical finds spotted at the Eaton Centre anchor this week are, if you can believe it, lone shoes without partners, which people online are finding absolutely hilarious.

nordstrom canada"Any single leg amputees need a single, new shoe? Nordstrom $5 SALE alert!" someone posted on Toronto Reddit along with a photo of few shelves that do indeed advertise single shoes for only $5 each.

The sale signage notes that the products are great for dogs — because what the heck else would most people be able to use only one shoe for? — but the considerate poster also noted that perhaps the items could be of use to persons with disabilities.

One user in the comment section said that as someone with a leg brace that necessitates wearing two differently-sized shoes, Nordstrom was one of the few stores that allowed them to break a pair between sizes rather than having to purchase two pairs.

"I was so grateful to buy one shoe in a 7 and one shoe in an 8.5 or a 9 as a single pair! These are probably left over from purchases like this," they wrote.

The single items could also be a result of theft, damage, or errors in boxing up pairs for purchase, those with retail backgrounds added.

"Singles usually get destroyed and tossed out, so I'm surprised they are simply selling them for $5," one person said.

nordstrom canada

Nordstrom Eaton Centre is seen almost completely emptied out this week.

Nordstrom PR did confirm that single shoes are being sold at select Nordstrom stores, but offered no further comment on whether it was a benevolent move for those who require just one shoe, or an attempt to make as much money as possible during the liquidation (though it's easy to speculate which).

An employee at the Eaton Centre location confirmed on Wednesday that people had in fact been purchasing the stock, but the store had since removed the display.

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Suziesizzle on Reddit

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