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MLB releases Toronto Blue Jays hat with unidentifiable goop dripping from beak

A new Toronto Blue Jays hat and its questionable design have the internet talking, wondering, and joking about a mysterious viscous substance dripping from the beak of our baseball franchise's iconic avian logo.

The item added to the Official MLB Shop for $65 is called the "Blue Raspberry Ice Cream Drip hat from Pro Standard" and is described with features including "raised Toronto Blue Jays graphics embroidered with bursts of red and is topped off with a leather button."

Despite the name seemingly explaining the dripping substance as blue raspberry ice cream, it hasn't stopped social media commenters from piling on and ridiculing the design for its perceived suggestive imagery.

Responses to a tweet about the new hat range from innuendo to just blatantly lewd, so I'm going to try and exercise some caution over which ones I include here, but for anyone not comfortable with jokes of an adult nature, I advise you to proceed with caution.

People were tweeting directly from the gutter in response to the supposed ice cream dripping from the logo bird's beak. We even got a few nods to the Jays' long-departed mascot from a generation ago.

Conjuring some upsetting mental images I am now going to foist onto readers.

One commenter suggested the modified logo would be a great fit for the suggestive and definitely unsanctioned t-shirts often sold by street vendors around the Rogers Centre on gamedays.

There are other X-rated responses that I'm not even going to include, though I'll give you the option of making some risky clicks if the curiosity is just too much to take.

The hat is also taking heat for its patch from the 2017 season commemorating the team's 40th season since arriving in Toronto in 1977, though this is apparently a regular practice based on aesthetics over common sense.

It all feels somewhat familiar, as this is by no means the first case of a questionable Blue Jays hat design drawing ridicule from internet randoms.

In 2021, a Jays hat bearing the city's map, area code, and a bowl of poutine (because Americans consistently fail to understand that Canada's provinces have separate and unique cultures) was flamed so hard that it was ultimately pulled from production.

Just one year later, another hat drew intense criticism for its U.S.-flag-themed design created in honour of that country's Independence Day.

It must have been lost on designers that said holiday celebrates the 1776 Declaration of Independence, enacted during the American Revolutionary War fought against the Kingdom of Great Britain and its colonies in Canada.


Somewhat predictably, New Era would pull that cap design and replace it with a toned-down version, notably removing its America flag stars in what looked like a super-last-minute rush job to quell the unrest among fans.

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