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Toronto hair salon changes booking policy and people aren't sure if they like it

A Toronto hair salon has announced they've changed their booking policy and will now be keeping credit card information on file, and people aren't sure if they're ok with that.

"Our appointment booking services now require a credit card to be stored on file," Civello announced on social media.

The Rosedale salon is the same one that introduced a community fee to help offset costs of PPE and other impacts due to restrictions.

Civello now wants people booking at the salon to download their app and add payment method to their profile, assuring people that their info will be securely encrypted.

They also reinstated their cancellation policy at the beginning of the month, meaning a 50 per cent fee will apply when cancelling with less than 24 hours notice. They say they'll remind you of your appointment using multiple methods of contact, and that you should let them know you're unable to make an appointment as quickly as possible.

People are wary of the changes to their booking policy, but mostly because they've already been having trouble using the salon's app and are concerned it won't keep their credit card info safe.

"I don't like this policy because the app doesn't even work well when I'm making an appointment, now you want my credit card info? No thanks," someone commented on Instagram.

"I continue to have problems with booking appointments on your app, I often resort to the regular booking method on line or just keep delaying and trying again and again," another person chimed in.

"I'm concerned about the app being able to protect my credit card info as it can’t even perform its basic function. I'm a long time regular customer and have never missed an appointment. My credit card has been compromised many times on much more sophisticated systems. What is your guarantee?"

More people echoed the concerns about security.

"I understand the reason why you want to change your policy however, what type of security measures do you have on your website and reservation app to eliminate hackers from getting our credit card info?" one person asked.

"In favour of, and support, reinstating your cancellation policy but NOT in favour of credit card information being stored on file in order to book an appointment," commented another person. "No system is ever secure enough to ensure our private details don't get stolen or misused in some way."

Civello has been responding to comments saying a team member will reach out directly to address concerns.

"I'm not too happy about this policy. Having cc information stored on several business apps is not something I'm comfortable with. I have been coming here for almost 20 years and have never just not showed up for an appointment," someone commented.

Other people commented saying they're completely fine with the policy and support it, saying things like "cancellation policies are major key," calling the policy "amazing" and "five-star."

One person simply expressed a dilemma: "All for cancellation policies. But I don't have a credit card…"

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