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10 up-and-coming tattoo artists in Toronto you need to know about

Tattoo artists in Toronto are hard to nail down. Some people have different styles and tastes when it comes down to what pieces they want on their body. And with such a diverse artists community in this city, it can be hard to know who to book with.

Here are some up-and-coming tattoo artists in Toronto you need to know about.

Lean Zheng, Golden Iron Tattoo

While there are plenty of artists at this studio who could be on this list, Lean’s sketch-like pieces put him at the top. With bold lines, expert fine-dot work and occasional strokes of colour, his style is distinct and easily recognizable.

Natasha Lambie, The Okey Doke Tattoo Shop

An artist that can tattoo both in a traditional style and realistic portraits, Natasha’s an artist that will give you clean, precise work. She is able to twist conventional designs to give them a flair all her own.

Serhat Cosmuss, Love Struck Tattoo

A recent transplant from Turkey, Serhat’s original tattoos usually centred around mythology, nature and the human body. His designs are neo-traditional adjacent and focuses on blackwork with clean lines.

Joonsung Park, Tattoo People

A Korean artist based at Bathurst and Dupont, Joonsung’s illustrative blackwork designs often skew into macabre subject matter. With tattoos that are big and bold, he’s able to give you intricate details in his work.

Chiara Sparks, The Arcade Tattoo

Chiara’s delicate blackwork illustrative tattoos are a recent addition to Arcade Tattoos. She uses thin lines to create detailed, realistic looking nature-inspired tattoos from flowers and butterflies to stingrays and fish.

Nic Ter Horst, So Far So Good Tattoo Studio

Owner of the new shop that was formerly Rabbit and Thorn, Nic’s cartoonish tattoos are nerdy, spooky and a little cheeky. With around four years of experience under their belt, their fantasy-inspired style is a great choice for anyone looking for something 

Christina Mazzulla, Archive Tattoo

Known as Vuducat Tattoos, Christina’s neo-traditional tattoos twist conventional designs by introducing a more cartoony angle. She always brings a creative design and cohesive colour palettes to her work.

Karla Savolainen, Toronto Tattoohaus

One of the most versatile artists on this list, Karla can tattoo anything from realistic portraits to complex mandalas to water-coloured designs. With all this versatility, she’s definitely a one-stop shop for any style of tattoo you’re looking for.

Monika Darling, Peekaboo Tattoo

One of three co-owners of Peekaboo, Monika’s tattoos are bold and colourful. Her original designs lean towards a more American traditional style, but often include an element of fun and quirkiness that help her stand out.

Han Ziran, Always Tattoo Studio

A recent addition to Always from Copenhagen, Han’s tattoos use minimalistic line work to create intricate abstract work. Whether she’s working from her flash collection or doing a tattoo freehand, the movement of her work creates an impact and is uniquely distinct.

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