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Team Canada shows off new uniforms at the Olympics and people think they're ugly AF

People have had mixed feelings about Team Canada's Olympic uniform since it first debuted, and they're not feeling much better about it now that they're seeing our athletes wear the apparel for real in Beijing.

Created by Lululemon, the uniforms are overwhelmingly red, intended to be modular and shape-shifting, and feature lots of long puffer vests.

Some people like the style, colour and scarves.

However, others are straight up roasting them.

Someone else said the uniforms made the athletes look more like red blood cells.

Some felt there was a disparity between the way the uniforms looked on models compared to the actual team.

Another remembers fonder days when they were designed by Roots.

It's not the first time Team Canada got lambasted for their uniforms at the Olympic games. The jean jackets the team sported back during the summer didn't seem to land with the public any better.

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