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People have mixed feelings about the new Lululemon Canada Olympic gear

A downtown Toronto hotel ballroom was transformed into an ad hoc fashion runway on Tuesday evening for the big reveal of Lululemon's new official garb for Canada's Olympic athletes.

It was a surreal affair from the start, described by the Globe as "an event best attended while high," building up to fashion models finally strutting the runway for our first real glimpse of the Beijing 2022 Team Canada x lululemon Collection.

Designed as a system of garments that can be layered and combined to suit changing conditions, the modular, high-tech, shape-shifting outfits were made for Olympians, but can be purchased by anyone willing to accept some outrageously steep price tags.

We're talking like $78 for a t-shirt and $548 for a parka level expensive.

Reactions are pretty mixed, with plenty of praise and just as much criticism. You know, because the internet.

The kits' blood-red colour and puffy down have spurred a few comparisons to packaged meat, something which is now difficult to unsee.

When displayed on faceless mannequins, the kits start to look like something out of the Netflix smash-hit show Squid Game.

And other comparisons are just too hilarious to ignore.

Sometimes words just don't suffice, but reactions GIFs have been plentiful.

Aesthetics aside, there are concerns being raised about where the clothes are manufactured. Lululemon's clothes are made in factories in several different countries, which include Canada but also developing nations not necessarily known for outstanding working or living standards.

The Beijing 2022 Olympics kick off in just over three months, and the new kits will get their debut on the world stage with the games' opening ceremonies on Feb. 4.

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