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Justin Bieber and the Toronto Maple Leafs release merch and there's a ridiculous catch

It's widely known that Ontario-born pop star Justin Bieber is a Toronto Maple Leafs superfan, so it came as no surprise when he announced that his clothing line Drew House would be launching a merch line in collaboration with the hockey team.

"If you know me you know that I'm on cloud 9," wrote Bieber of the new merch on Instagram this week. "I grew up idolizing the Toronto Maple Leafs So for me to collaborate on this limited collection is wow no words."

The line, which launched this week, features a variety of leisure wear in the team's colours embellished with the word "drew" and a blue maple leaf. And, as expected, the prices are exorbitant. 

A sole hoodie will set you back $238, for example, while the crew-neck costs a whopping $328.

And unfortunately, that's not even the biggest catch. 

Unlike most in-demand merch lines released by high-profile celebrities, being first in line to press "purchase" doesn't even guarantee you'll actually receive a pair of ridiculously over-priced sweatpants or a $78 Carlton plush.

Instead, shoppers have to add items to their cart only to be entered into a random draw to potentially be able to buy the products if their name is selected.

"The product inventory is extremely limited so to make sure we're giving everyone the same chance to purchase gear from the collection, the process during the next few steps will take you through our draw," reads the website. "This is not first-come, first-served."

The draw takes place tomorrow, on Sept. 24, so Bieber/Maple Leafs fans only have one more day to maybe, possibly be able to spend way too much money on a sweatshirt.

And just in case the process wasn't already difficult enough, the products cannot be shipped and must be picked up in person at Real Sports Apparel at Scotiabank Arena. 

There are also no exchanges allowed so, as the FAQ advises, "please select carefully."

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