Carbon Neutral Club

You can now offset your carbon footprint and save money at local stores in Toronto

A new Toronto business is trying to change what it means to be environmentally friendly with a subscription service that acts to both fight against climate change while also rewarding users with discounts to some of Canada's most iconic brands.

Carbon Neutral Club is the country's newest startup who offers a $15 monthly service that helps to estimate your carbon footprint while sending money to projects that are proven to slow climate change.

In return, shoppers not only get the satisfaction of slowing Earth's descent towards a fiery apocalypse, but also receive rewards and discounts from brands including Frank and Oak, Village Juicery and KOTN.

Supported projects such as Chinchiná Reforestation, Crow Lake Wind Power, and Siam Solar Power have all been selected due to their Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard certifications from third party climate specialists.

"We believe that climate change can, and will be solved from the bottom-up. Carbon Neutral Club represents a tangible, impactful opportunity for individuals, brands, and employers to be a part of the climate solution," said co-founder Jeff Packer.

"The idea is to give anyone the tools to understand their personal climate impact, and then incentivize them to begin their journey to reduce it,” further explained Jack Bruner, another co-founder.

With one of the largest complaints about being eco-friendly being the associated cost, the idea of potentially saving money while helping out the environment is one that could have a lot of people talking.

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Hector Vasquez at KOTN

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