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Toronto Wildlife Centre selling raccoon-themed apparel to raise money for animals

Toronto has long had a love for its trash pandas and now you can buy a shirt to help raccoons and other animals in need.

For a short time, the Toronto Wildlife Centre is partnering with Float to sell raccoon-themed apparel to raise money for animals. For each purchase of sweatshirts, tank tops or tees, $8 is donated. The fundraiser runs until the end of the weekend.

The clothing ranges from $24 for a t-shirt to $45 for a sweatshirt.

The Toronto Wildlife Centre is a registered charity primarily supported by individual donations. The centre is operated by a small paid staff and several hundred volunteers.

They are behind many of the city's wildlife rescues including a swan caught in kite string and fishing line in Humber Bay this month, and waterfowl after an oil spill in the fall.

The organization helped a coyote last month and often takes calls for orphaned animals.

So if you need a new outfit to get you through the next few months of the pandemic, these raccoon shirts and sweaters look comfy.

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Toronto Wildlife Centre

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