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13 hilarious costumes spotted in Toronto this Halloween

Halloween isn't officially until Wednesday, but tons of people showed up this past weekend in their spooky best. Though there's still plenty of dress-up parties to go to until actual Hallows' Eve, a few costumes stuck out for being totally convincing, witty, or just down-right weird.

Here are the most hilarious costumes spotted in Toronto this weekend. 

Missy Elliott from The Rain

This person absolutely nailed Missy Elliott's garbage bag look from her legendary The Rain music video, rolling through The Garrison's Hey Ghoul Hey party looking supa dupa fly. 

Dufferin Mall and Galleria Mall

One of the best couple's costumes from this weekend, these two dressed up as the city's two worst —read: best—malls. It's nice way to commemorate Galleria before it goes bye bye. 

Fresh Prince's Flower look

This dresser-upper was seen rocking Will Smith's iconic Little Ray of Sunshine from Fresh Prince of Bel Air at the Reference Library, green bodysuit and homemade flower petals in all. 

Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrors

Throwing some yellow fabric and black dots on, this Halloween lover dressed up for the AGO party as one of Yayoi's pumpkins from her All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins room.

Fossil Fool

Not the most original wordplay but the concept behind this one is pretty hilarious. The soot-covered face adds a lot too. Go green! 

Invisible Man

We love a crafty costume. This creative genius used the ol' wire and hat trick to transform themselves into the Invisible Man, and it looked impressively convincing.

Troll doll

This person killed the furry-combed hair look of the loveable but equally creepy troll dolls, also known as Dam dolls. 

Our "sexy" greenbin and trash panda couples costume! She spent the night trying to get into my pants 🦝 from r/toronto
Toronto green bin and raccoon

Name a more iconic Toronto duo, I'll wait. This pair turned the ultimate Raccoon City struggle into steamy couple's costume. 

Post Malone

Everything from the face and hand tattoos to the frizzy man bun and little braids was spot on. Who did it better, this guy or Rita Ora


Sometimes, you just need to keep it simple. Grab an owl onesie, put an envelope in your mouth, and bam—you've transformed into Harry Potter's loyal owl Hedwig.

Cotton Candy couple

These two decked themselves out in pink fluff to transform themselves into two cotton candy puffs—how sweet. 

Captain Planet

Here to save the day is this Captain Planet lookalike. Not sure if they were going for the cartoon character or if they were dressing up as Don Cheadle dressing up as Captain Planet. Either way, nailed it. 

Weed dispensery

This guy might have won Halloween. To be fair, he wasn't quite in Toronto but this costume game transcends the Waterloo border. Obviously people weren't actually able to push the buttons and grab a baggie (I mean, that's illegal) but overall, the look was impressive.  

Lead photo by

Ian Lawrence

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