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10 Places to take engagement photos in Toronto

Places to take engagement photos in Toronto are usually narrowed to a few select locations. There's Hart House at University of Toronto, the Distillery District, Casa Loma, the Brick Works and High Park. That's not to say, however, that these spots don't lend themselves to great photos; just that time and time again they seem to pop up on enamored couples' newsfeeds. And with that time of year rolling around again (that's right; better start saving for a summer full of wedding gifts) we thought we'd offer a few other options for where to take those obligatory prenuptial snapshots. (Keep in mind, some might require permits.) Here are ten (not so common) places to take engagement photos in Toronto.

Hearn Generating Station
Of course, I'm not condoning any sort of breaking and entering or trespassing. But say you just happen to be perusing the Port Lands area, happen to be with your significant other and a professional photographer, and just happen to stumble into Hearn's control room. Somehow. You'll have a plethora of interesting backdrops at your disposal, and (barring any sort of arrest) a great story to tell at the rehearsal dinner.

Graffiti Alley
A good choice for those who are slightly wary of the above option, but still like to bask in the reflected glory of some sort of illegal activity. Lest Toronto's new anti-graffiti app finds a fervent following, the alley south of Queen between Spadina and Portland will provide a superb scene for some artsy photos. Don't forget your matching snapbacks.

Weston Flea Market
Props galore! And a glimpse of your future shopping lives after paying down that enormous wedding debt. The Weston Flea Market has so many different things crammed into one space, allowing you and your beloved to pose for a mock sword-fight between arm-linked sips of cane-sweetened smoothies. Plus, you can get your nails done right there in preparation for the obligatory close-up ring shot. Win/win.

Polson Pier parking lot
Nothing says "romance" like a group of teens sharing a six-pack before a concert, right? Well, if you look past the low-riding jeans and Nightwish ticket-holders, you'll find a spot that offers some fantastic views of the city from across the water. Couples with a skilled photographer would surely want to go at night, when the city is aglow with the lights of insomnia and most of the crowd is safely inside Sound Academy.

Fantasy Fair
Couple shots on a child-sized train are either adorably cute or awkwardly creepy. You decide! The Fantasy Fair at Woodbine Centre is actually a legitimate option for a rainy-day or winter shoot, with bumper cars, a carousel, and ferris wheel for all of your nostalgic photo needs. Just watch out for mall cops (and, you know, little children). There's a nail salon here, too!

Cruickshank Park
Yes, almost every couple takes their engagement pictures in a park. But not every couple takes their engagement pictures in this park (I'm looking at you, High Park). Cruickshank Park over in Weston has some truly breathtaking weeping willows by its paved bicycle path, and if you aren't perturbed by the thought of pre-marriage photos taken by the most sombre-named of trees, this might be your spot. Creek alongside for extra ambiance.

Another rainy weather option and fantastic opportunity for a skilled photographer to show his or her stuff. Life-of-the-party couples might want to plan their shoots for just before or after a Jays game, when their photographer can play a little Where's Waldo with the focus and pick them out of a sea of blue. This option, however, runs the risk of a few unhappy photo-bombers after a devastating home game loss.

Toronto Reference Library
Stealthiness might not win with this one; you might actually have to contact admin and purchase a permit to start shooting inside. But once you do: perfectly framed shots of you and your intended sharing a read of "The Pre-nup," by Beth Kendrick or "Take My Wife...Please!" by Henny Youngman. Glass elevator is just a bonus.

Chester Hill Lookout
All of the view with none (or less) of the cliché. The Chester Hill Lookout is perhaps a less popular spot for a view of the city than, say, the CN Tower (yawn), and thus, perfect for a little privacy. (Unfortunately, not for the neighbours living in nearby homes.) Though you won't get a whole lot of variation for your shots, you will get a spectacular view, as well as a bird's eye of the DVP to check on traffic for later.

Old Mill Inn
Another spot where you might actually have to work out permissions (or else, sneak softly through the exterior gardens — though of course, I condone nothing). Still, the abundance of photo options make this spot well worth it. Old Mill has a great historic vibe and a number of rooms, each with unique decor. Old Mill is one of those places where you'll be able to get a whole range of shots without switching locations — a boon for bridezillas on a strict schedule.


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Photo by Jesse Milns

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