working title Toronto

Working Title

Working Title looks just like any other contemporary boutique. Stark white walls, grey tile, minimalist furnishings, and meticulously folded, perfectly spaced merchandise are just some of its topmost telltale signs.

Working Title Toronto

The store is both a retail space and a platform for creative projects. The basement typically serves as a bookstore offering (mostly) independent publications on photography, but they  also host gallery exhibits from time to time. 

Working Title Toronto

Though the hang racks and tables are teeming with high-end basics like a white Patrick Ervell shirt with a club collar ($198) and Svensson sneakers in three essential colours ($380), there are a slew of fashion pieces thrown into the mix.

Working Title TorontoAn Engineered Garments floral shirt ($204) and a Primaloft quilted jacket ($385) are some of the flashier duds, but it's a Gitman Bros. Vintage button down ($198) - with an all-over print of pixelated men, no less - that takes the cake for wackiest item in-store.

Working Title TorontoThe bookstore is just as modestly decorated and abundant with interesting works of art. A few tables, three wall shelves, and a single wooden chair are the only pieces of furniture in the room - ensuring that nothing takes away from the books and magazines, sourced from all over the world.

20130913-590-Working12.jpg Sequin Covered Swans by Lukasz Wierzbowski and Silence by Jose Pedro Cortes are pages and pages full of pretty photographs, grainy in texture and apathetic in mood.

Working Title Toronto

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Morris Lum

Working Title

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