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Lost & Found, a Toronto destination for hip and hype menswear, has relocated a few doors down from their previous space at 44 Ossington Ave. to a bigger one in 12 Ossington Ave. 

After moving from their original Dundas West storefront about a decade ago, co-owners Jonathan Elias and Justin Veiga were ready to expand, with Elias saying that upsizing again was a necessary decision to fit Lost & Found's steadily growing demand. 

lost and found toronto

Lost & Found's larger new space, housing racks of streetwear brands, shoes, hats and more.

Forest green accents, exposed piping and support beams, and tastefully strewn-about paintings and decorations give the store a cozy feel despite its larger interior.

The ambient music that Elias was playing during my recent visit definitely added to that. When he's not on aux (most of the time, according to him), the employees take control with a mix of hip-hop, pop, rock and "whatever we're feeling that day." 

lost and found toronto

The king of the castle at Lost & Found, Morty.

Of course, it would be a mistake not to note the contribution that Elias' dog, Morty, makes to the store's ambiance.

Always quiet and never in the way, Elias says that Morty is usually around on weekdays, showing off his impressive trick repertoire to customers.
lost and found toronto

A rack of mostly t-shirts from various streetwear brands.

The store's product selection hasn't changed drastically from that of their previous locations, as Elias and Veiga still emphasize men's streetwear in their curation. 

Elias says that a lot of popular brands are sourced from Japan, but they still ensure to prop up local designers with their Artist Series of custom Lost & Found tees. 

lost and found toronto

Real McCoy's t-shirts, which is one of the store's most popular brands.

Elias notes their most popular Japanese brands include The Real McCoy's, Nanga,and Beams Plus

They're all priced at retail market value, with The Real McCoy's t-shirts costing between $95 to $125, Beams Plus' button-downs ranging between $175 to $195 and knit polos reaching $335 and Nanga's outerwear going for prices between $395 and $775. 

lost and found toronto

Lost & Found's Stussy table.

Stussy and Commes des Garçons headline the other popular brands gracing the racks at Lost & Found. 

Stussy tops range from between $160 to $250 and pants go for anywhere from $175 to $250.

Meanwhile, Commes des Garçons products are among the store's most expensive, with their jackets climbing north of $1,400 and shirts upwards of $700.  

lost and found toronto

Pieces from Lost & Found's jewellery line.

Although the company doesn't make clothes of their own design, they have created a jewellery line of simple sterling silver pieces. 

The least expensive piece in their collection is the thin box link bracelet ($95), with necklaces ranging from $175 - $475, and the lone ring coming in at $150.

Elias explains that he and Veiga were having a hard time looking for jewellers that could source them plain and minimalist silvery jewellery — so they decided to take matters into their own hands. 

lost and found toronto

Lost & Found's back wall carries a large selection of dress shoes.

Footwear is also a key part of the store's product selection.

The back wall is stocked with a variety of dressier styles from upscale brands such as Paraboot ($285 - $695) and Alden ($425 - $1,250), but they also carry more casual, streetstyle shoes from brands like Nike and New Balance.

I was particularly impressed by the selection of colourways that Lost & Found carried in those kinds of shoes. They delicately toe a thin line between bright, eye-catching colours and plainer tones, ensuring that there's something for everyone.  

lost and found toronto

A rack showcasing the latest styles of Nike shoes.

Some items are certainly pricey, but Elias says that the most important thing at Lost & Found is delivering customers hardy, long-lasting fashion, and he and Veiga make sure that's a priority in their inventory.

"People spend their hard-earned money with us," he acknowledged. "So, it's important to us that the product we offer is of the utmost quality."

lost and found toronto

Lost & Found's dressing rooms.

And if you're considering buying some pieces and want to see how they fit, you can head to the spacious dressing rooms at the side of the store to try them on.

lost and found toronto

The street entrance to Lost & Found.

Lost & Found is at 12 Ossington Ave.

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