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Driven Barber

Driven Barber is a shiny barber shop that's kind of like a mechanic's dream garage. It's the passion project of owner William Halkiw, who also happens to be a car collector and barber Frank Manicapelli, who have gone all-in with an automotive theme.

Ironically, over 80 years ago, this address was a barber shop and just a few doors down there was a curb-side gas station pump on the sidewalk. The shop is already steeped in history.

driven barber torontoInside you're bombarded with stuff to look at. There's a traffic light when you walk in off the street and it will signal green if there's room for a cut, yellow if there's a wait and red if they're booked. 

driven barber torontoPast the Herman Miller waiting bench there's a wall packed with automotive antiques and modern-day hair products, a coffee bar with a tiny espresso machine, and a freshly brewed pot of Tim Horton's coffee.

driven barber torontoThere's also a vintage fortune telling machine.

driven barber toronto

The chairs are all refurbished Hercules or Belmont classics and scattered in front of massive steel framed mirrors. 

driven barber torontoThe basement is completely refurbished an art gallery and event space, and depending on demand might eventually offer manicures and pedicures.

The attention to detail even continues into the bathroom with a sink faucet made from an old gas pump nozzle. 

driven barber toronto

They're open seven days a week and pricing for cuts ($30) and other services including blade shaves ($35), neck massages, beard treatments and colouring ($25-40) are set at pretty standard Toronto barber shop rates. 

driven barber toronto

Even if you're not a car person, it feels like a friendly neighbourhood spot that's super clean, welcoming and vintage on a whole other level.

driven barber toronto

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Jesse Milns

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