Contributed by Jaime Kawamoto

There is something charming about a place where everybody knows your name.

Dressers, in Roncesvalles Village , is a place where locals go to browse and bond. When I enter, to the sound of wind chimes and new age music, a successful Dr. Bernstein Diet -er models her new wardrobe for a friend. The two are chatting so intimately it takes a minute before I realize the redhead is actually working in the store. Other women breeze through the door with "Hi, Rebecca's trailing behind them. I am almost jealous as a nameless first timer. It doesn't take long before other shoppers embrace the foreigner though, offering me helpful hints on the best sale racks and tidbits about the original line of greeting cards the store carries.

The women's clothing is a mixture of Point Zero and some hippie-ish lines with names like Guru on the label. Everything is reasonably priced. The conservatively casual shorts and t-shirts range from $20-$45 and are all made from breathable cotton. They are great basic summer pieces. The flowing dresses with a multitude of patterns sewn together are all under $75. The store does stock out of season pieces at much discounted prices. A pair of Point Zero jeans is only $20 in the middle of June.

The men's section leans toward the "barbeque with the in laws" style. Khaki shorts and short sleeve checkered button downs are perfect for an afternoon in the sun. For the more daring gentleman, white fedora style canvas hats will keep away the sun and add a splash of style. There really isn't anything over $50, which is refreshing.

Aside from clothing, the store sells all natural creams, candles, beauty products and beeswax tapers for only $3 each! There are some oddities as well, like bejeweled shower flip flops, furry sleeping masks and novelty toys. I collect portable notebooks and found a beautiful purse size one with a Victorian boot hand stitched on the cover that will be my constant companion for some time to come.

The namesake dressers strewn throughout the store make this place feel like you are in a friend's bedroom, borrowing her favourite cardigan. The staff makes you feel like you are right at home.

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