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People are seriously annoyed with Tim Hortons and their leaky iced coffee lids

Have you gone to take a sip of your recently purchased iced coffee when before you even bring the cup to your lip, it's spilling all over your t-shirt?

No? Well then I'm guessing you've never (regretfully) bought and tasted a Tim Hortons iced coffee.

For some reason, Tim Hortons isn't the best at manufacturing properly working coffee cups and their latest iced coffee edition is not any better.

In an attempt to transition away from the dreadful paper straw, Tim's iced beverages come in a clear cup with a lid that has an opening to drink from.

But these lids absolutely suck.

One sip down the hatch and the lid will begin to slowly leech your drink across whatever platform it's sitting on.

This will force you to either, sit your drink on a bed of napkins or pretend to not care that your work desk is now a coffee pond (not to mention the gross dried rings of coffee on said desk).

If you think this is just one person complaining, then you're sadly mistaken.

Tons and tons of iced coffee enthusiasts have been airing out their grievances with the flawed lid design for some time now.

Do the lids not fit properly around the drinking vessel? Are they specifically designed to drive me into a fit of rage? Does Tim Hortons even care?

Too many questions, not enough answers.

Some have restored to pouring out their drinks to other non-leaking containers while others have to double cup their cold coffee coolers.

This is even more of a shame because I personally think Tims' iced coffees are pretty darn tasty - and more affordable then other coffee shops (specifically the ones with a mermaid mascot).

So if you're reading this and are also fuming at Tim Hortons, know that you're not alone.

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