doug ford granola bar

Ontario's PC Party is peddling granola bars with Doug Ford's face on them

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is known for having some funny campaign strategies and marketing products, but his latest one takes the cake… or, the granola?

Who doesn't love a good ole regular granola bar? How about one with Ford driving a tractor and giving you a great big smile?

Yes, it appears the latest Ford product is indeed a granola bar.

This lucky discovery was first caught by journalist Alan S. Hale from Queen’s Park Today, while attending the International Plowing Match (an actual plowing competition that's been running for 103 years).

Ford was scheduled to attend this farm event in rural Ontario (North Grenville) but instead made an appearance at the funeral for slain Toronto Police officer Andrew Hong.

But not to worry, his absence was quickly remedied by these potentially delicious dust bars.

Wrapped in a PC blue package with the classic tagline, "Building Ontario Together," it also lists "Premier Doug Ford," on the wrapper, just in case you were unsure of who the man sitting on the tractor plowing fields is.

Unfortunately Ford's office hasn't provided additional details on these wheat treats so, I've come up with a couple flavours like: freshly-swallowed honey bee, pave all of Ontario's green spaces with Rocky Road, and the classic Cherry Cheesecake.

Without a lack of details, we can only imagine the possibilities for the exclusive granola bar.

I'll guess around 200 calories, plain-flavoured, with maybe a couple chocolate chips and some underwhelming little bits.

But in a strange turn of events, it turns out the PC Party has not baked their own bars at all. It appears the party used a sticker to cover up a Leclerc chocolate chip granola bar instead. 

We can only imagine these stickers came from Deco Labels.

A practical snack for an unpractical Premier, go figure.

Lead photo by

Alan S. Hale, Queen's Park Today

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