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Famous competitive eater is in Toronto doing food challenges at local restaurants

Toronto has as many awesome food challenges as any great city, but now a viral food competitor is here in town to try polishing off as many as she can.

Raina Huang has won hundreds of eating competitions in America as well as countries like Japan and Spain, billing herself as a "one woman army."

Now, she's here to tackle all the food challenges the area has to offer. She's never been here before, and just arrived in Toronto on August 17.

Her first stop was at Hollywood Cone just outside Toronto, where she scarfed down their massive "Titanic" banana split sundae challenge with ease. In fact, it was such a walk in the park for her she even got some donuts as well.

From there, it was on to Dahu Hotpot, which she briefly commented to blogTO was "really good." She also noted in her Instagram story that hot pot is one of her favourite types of food.

Hot pot places are known for their all-you-can-eat menus so that one wasn't necessarily a challenge for her, but of course she delightedly showed followers on social media the huge table of food she devoured, include noodle knots, little "money bags" filled with fish cake and her own custom dipping sauce.

A post announcing all the stops on her mini Ontario tour says she'll also be hitting up Kyoto Gyukatsu, Eva's Original Chimneys and Old School while she's in town.

On August 18, she's heading to Backroad BBQ in Port Colborne, then on August 20 she'll be going to Artisan Pizza in Burlington. She'll also be visiting Bartholomew Bakery in Vaughan and Tahini's in Oakville later, and there should be more venues announced.

Bartholomew's has posted on their own social media that the challenge they'll be setting for Raina is eating a baker's dozen (that's 13) of their pastries in one sitting.

Kyoto Gyukatsu is the next restaurant she'll be visiting in Toronto, and she'll be attempting their challenge of finishing off three kilograms of katsu in under 35 minutes. The prize for finishing is getting all your food for free (it's $80 if you fail) plus a $25 coupon.

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