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A vast Toronto fast-food dead zone is now a hilarious fake conspiracy theory

The internet is a weird web of mysteries, conspiracy theories, and fast-food fandom. And like George Costanza's single-greatest fear, worlds are colliding.

Just about everyone has heard of the fabled Bermuda Triangle, but one person is raising awareness about the Toronto Triangle™ (which she trademarks in her tweet, and we're going to respect that) formed on maps by a trio of…Taco Bell locations?

Megan M introduced the new conspiracy theory to the masses on Twitter on Tuesday, sharing a graphic with the text, "No one wants to talk about how all the Taco Bells are disappearing...even less discussed is the mysterious Toronto Triangle."

The map overlay joins three locations of the fast-food chain connected in a triangle of green lines, with Casa Loma at the centre.

"What exactly does it have to do with Casa Loma? I'm not sure, but I intend to find out," the tweet promises.

"We're through the looking glass here, people!"

It's a playful shot at the declining number of Taco Bell locations in the city painted as a fun conspiracy theory suggesting some kind of dark energy connection between the right-angle triangle and the gothic manor at its centre.

And Taco Bell might not be the only fast-food franchise with evil machinations, as Arby's seems to have vanished entirely from the city, forming a baked potato-like web that guards Toronto like a ring of meat fortresses.

Like any good conspiracy theory, it didn't take long for talk of Satanic rituals and aliens to enter the fray.

So next time you're in one of the few remaining Taco Bell locations in the heart of the city, or find yourself in a distant Arby's, keep an eye out for anything sketchy.

You just might be the one to crack the (definitely not real) conspiracy.

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Mike Mozart

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