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Pick-your-own strawberries at Ontario farms opens for the season next month

Pick-your-own strawberries season is opening at Ontario farms very soon.  

There will be many different farms open for picking this season, most of them opening in early June when local strawberries are at their peak. 

Linton's Farm Market in Oshawa will be opening up for strawberry picking in June, with the exact date and time still to be announced.

The farm grows a lot more than just strawberries throughout the year - items like asparagus, peas, broccoli and cauliflower are all available for purchase at their market. 

Reesor's in Markham will also be opening in early June, with reservations required in advance for a one-hour picking time slot.

You also get a three-litre recyclable basket when you check in, with each additional basket available for an extra cost. Their official hours should be announced soon. 

Murphy's Farm, about an hour north from Toronto, has strawberry picking available from June to July, followed shortly by blueberry and raspberry picking going from July to August.

They have a big market and bakery too, all of their desserts and treats made in-house, from scratch. 

Stonehaven Farms in Campbellville should be starting its picking season soon, usually opening in mid-June until early July. You can purchase your baskets before walking onto the field, each basket allowing admission for two people.

There are no reservations here, and the pick-your-own action is offered at a first-come, first-serve basis, so make sure you come nice and early to pick the best ones. 

Barrie Hill Farms is a great option for strawberry picking if you're heading over to Wasaga beach for a weekend swim. Their asparagus is already on, with their strawberry, raspberry and blueberry season soon to follow. 

You can currently pick asparagus at Andrews Farm Market in Milton, their strawberry season following right after in mid-June.

The farm offers a lot of different pick-your-own goodies during the spring and summer months like raspberries, blueberries, peonies, currants and gooseberries. 

Applewood Farm Winery starts their strawberry picking season late June, with varying hours depending on season and availability. They have a winery with extensive wine and ice wine selections as well, which you can check out either before or after your farm visit. 

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