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Doug Ford is getting trolled for his McDonald's obsession after McHappy Day post

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is not exactly the most popular person in the province lately as he continues on the campaign trail leading up to next month's election, but the man admittedly must have some pretty thick skin to deal with the hate he's been getting very publicly for months.

It's not just the level of the (many would say well-deserved) backlash that Ford gets from the public on the regular, but also the nature of it, as seen by the responses to his recent post for McDonald's McHappy Day, which is meant to help raise money for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

"Today is #McHappyDay!," Ford wrote on Twitter along with a video this morning.

 "If you’re able, please stop by or order online from your local @mcdonaldscanada and help support Ronald McDonald House Charities and other local children’s charities across Canada. Thank you! #KeepingFamiliesClose."

Along with the expected comments about Ronald McDonald House's controversial move to ban unvaccinated children, families and visitors, as well as unrelated comments on Ford's various platforms and policies, were some very personal attacks on Ford's physical appearance.

The fact that the post was related to McDonald's opened the gates for tons of fat-shaming remarks about Ford's weight, eating and exercise habits, and more.

Though witty, some were just plain cruel, but receiving such flack is an inevitable part of being a politician or public figure of any type.

Some were quick to remember Ford's past promotion of Tim Hortons smile cookies — a similarly charitable initiative — and love for the cafe chain's breakfast sandwiches. The Internet was also there to comment on the premier's other food-related posts and public comments.

Others joked about his potential resemblance to Ronald McDonald himself, creating new memes in the process.

"I'm looking and thinking you do not look healthy at all!" one person wrote.

"You of all people should lay off the McDonald's," another replied. 

Still others predicted the onslaught of weight-related insults, which were even easier to make given that Ford posted himself at an Etobicoke bakery earlier in the day and grabbing more food for lunch after.

This certainly isn't the first time Dougie has been made fun of for food-related posts on social media, and he's likely used to getting roasted for all sorts of things by now.

After his random cherry cheesecake cooking video in 2020 — which had mixed reviews — he shared a video of himself going through a McD's drive-thru in Minden, and was back at the fast food chain enjoying some fries (and posting about it) days later.

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