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Toronto restaurant owner apologizes to customer for fat jokes

A Toronto restaurant owner who came under criticism after a customer claimed she was subject to fat shaming has apologized.

Diner Elena Rubi called out Sugo restaurant in Bloordale for what she described as a less than flattering dining experience earlier this month.

According to Rubi, her server "was making fat jokes" toward her during her meal which made her "super uncomfortable." 

When the owner replied to her one star Google review it only made the situation worse as he deflected the criticism as the staff "just having fun with you and nothing was ever meant as insulting."

Now, Sugo owner Alex Wallen has reconsidered his words and posted an official apology to the restaurant's Instagram.

"I am sorry, sorry that you were made to feel uncomfortable or less than and sorry that it happened in my restaurant," wrote Wallen.

He continued to explain that he handled the situation badly and should not have deflected responsibility. 

"The guest gave me the chance to make right and apologize...instead, I deflected and made a tone-deaf response that lacked any real apology. To the person we hurt, I am sorry."

Since the apology was made on Friday, not everyone has decided to forgive and forget.

A Google review left on Saturday gave the restaurant one star with the diner writing "Changing my review to one star because I'm never going to support a restaurant that makes fun of other's appearances."

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