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Pizza Hut delights Ontario by dunking on Doug Ford's decisive decision-making

In a shocking yet hilarious turn of events, a popular fast food brand known for purveying intensely cheesy, pan-fried sustenance has dared to poke fun at Ontario's patron saint of cholesterol (and also Premier) Doug Ford.

Pizza Hut Canada, of Pizza Hut fame, lobbed a subtle, yet laser-precise jab at DoFo on Twitter following the premier's press conference Monday — you know, the one where he announced all of the additional COVID restrictions we could look forward to as we kicked off the new year with Omicron.

Ford had some very serious things to say during that presser, but it was his famously-creative phrasing that won the most attention among Ontarians, for better or for worse, with one phrase in particular catapulting to the top of the online chatter.

"This took me about 30 seconds to make a decision," said Ford when referring to his government's choice to close IRL classrooms, indoor dining areas of restaurants, gyms and a host of other settings effective today.

"It was a decisive decision."

Already furious to learn that Ontario would be going back to a modified version of Step 2 on the Roadmap to Reopening, the redundant sentence lent some levity to the situation, giving people all over Twitter something to laugh about at the expense of the man in charge.

Pizza Hut Canada seized the moment with a now-viral Tweet, sharing a photo of pizza (what else?) with the caption: "Need to decide on a decision for dinner? Let's get decisive when you decide, because this dinner is a decisive decision."

It was clever and cute and proved quite successful — many people, including Liberal Leader Steven Del Dulca, replied to the tweet with photos of pizzas they were inspired to buy or to express their intention to order Pizza Hut for dinner.

But the move was anything other than random; Pizza Hut Canada is part of a multinational restaurant chain owned by a gigantic American corporation (Yum! Brands, Inc.), and those guys don't just pop off with whatever's at the top of their heads.

Things had to happen internally behind the scenes for this quick, quippy turnaround.

Noah Feferman, Group Creative Director at Ogilvy, which is Pizza Hut Canada's creative agency, tells blogTO that, first off, the intention was never for the brand or agency to take any political stance or side.

"It was simply an opportunity for the brand to capitalize on a moment in time when we knew people would be spending a lot of time at home," he explained.

"Like everyone else, we were very invested in the press conference and were following it closely to see how the province was going to approach the current wave of the pandemic. When we heard the phrase 'decisive decision', it raised our eyebrows. But it wasn't until we saw that people were latching onto it online that we realized it was a sticky phrase that could work perfectly for choosing Pizza Hut for dinner."

While too early to tell if the social media post translated into a measurable increase sales for Pizza Hut that evening, Feferman says "we did notice a bunch of replies from people saying they were going to order Pizza Hut as a result of the tweet. Which is always nice to see."

People clearly loved the content: It's still racking up likes, shares and comments, some three days later.

Feferman credits Pizza Hut, in part, for making it happen.

"Thanks to the close partnership we have with the marketing team at Pizza Hut, we were able to craft this and get it live within a few hours," he said.

"These types of timely campaigns only work when you have a creative team that's always on the lookout for opportunities and trends, and a marketing team like Pizza Hut's that's open to explore new ways to be a part of social conversations."

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Pizza Hut Canada

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