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You can fill anything with draft beer at this Toronto bar right now

A Toronto bar is selling off their craft beer in a creative way right now, offering deeper discounts based on how ridiculous your to-go container is.

Farside is currently filling anything from kids' boots to milk cartons to portable washing machines with sweet, sweet draft beer.

The bar is already known as a quirky spot with locations in Toronto and Hamilton, previously pivoting to innovatively become a video rental store.

They're calling the draft beer concept #FillMeUpFarside. The bar owners came up with the idea right after the latest restrictions banning indoor drinking were announced, as last time restrictions were introduced they had to throw out lots of quality beer.

"It was heartbreaking and wasteful," Farside owner Rachel Conduit tells blogTO. "We figured this time we might as well have some fun, and get the beer into the hands of people who want it."

Extremely loose pricing is at the discretion of the bartender, and depends on the size of the container as well as how silly it is.

The deals are pretty great no matter how loose: they'll charge about $3 or $4 per 20 ounces, which is a pint, so a 60-ounce growler (which is about a pitcher) goes for roughly $10. However, if a container of a similar size is really silly, you might get that same amount of beer for, say, $5.

Growlers, mason jars, swing top bottles and thermoses are the most typical containers people are bringing in, but people have also brought in a Tide laundry detergent bottle, a crock pot, a ceramic dog and a portable washer and dryer which Conduit estimates was filled with about four pitchers of Blood Brothers Shumei IPA.

So far, they haven't refused a single container. They'll do their best to fill any clean vessel.

"It's helped our business feel fun again. After years of adapting and pivoting, this latest lockdown is pushing our financial and mental well being," says Conduit.

"While #FillMeUpFarside may not be a money maker, it's helping us have some fun, and spread some joy with our customers. We could all use a little levity these days."

They're even going to give out a prize eventually for most ridiculous container if you post a photo and tag it with #FillMeUpFarside.

Farside's current hours are Thursday to Sunday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., and they also have to-go cans for $5 if you don't have a wacky container to fill up but still want to support the bar.

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