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Toronto's ice cream joint with unique flavours is permanently closing

A Toronto ice cream shop that's become one of the best places to try creative Asian flavour combinations has announced it's sadly closing.

Wong's Ice Cream hasn't been open as long as some parlours in Toronto, but it made a huge impression with flavours like White Rabbit candy, wasabi honey, Vietnamese coffee, dark chocolate 5-spice and ube.

Now, according to an announcement posted on social media signed by owner Ed Wong, "It's been a blast but it's time to move on."

Their lease expires at the end of the year, leading Wong to the difficult decision to close down. The announcement says that people continued to patronize Wong's even during lockdowns, but that it's just time to pursue other interests.

"I miss having a huge crowd in the shop on a Friday night with music playing and conversations happening all over," Wong tells blogTO.

"Those things just haven't been possible with social distancing and other measures we've put in place to keep people safe. It feels like we're selling but not providing hospitality or a place for people to gather. And I miss that."

Wong even says that financially the store has held up well, but at 56, he wants to try something different. He says the landlord is taking over the space, probably for an import/export business.

"I'm going to take some time off and then explore some options that aren't food related," says Wong.

The last day of business for Wong's will be Dec. 24, 2021, so you have until then to stop by for one more pint of Ovaltine ice cream packaged in an iconic Chinese takeout carton, and to say goodbye.

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Hector Vasquez

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