Toronto startup Sumer promises to deliver your groceries in 15 minutes

Same day delivery grocery services have been all the rage in Toronto over the last year when many people were hesitant to step into a grocery store themselves, however one Scarborough startup believes they have a better solution.

Sumer is Toronto's newest startup, founded by two U of T Scarborough 4th year Management Students who teamed up together to change the way the city does grocery delivery.

They've begun offering 15 minute delivery service in small parts of downtown Toronto and Scarborough thanks to partnering with three grocery stores.

The fifteen minute delivery time is achieved by having drivers waiting by these stores ready to pick up anything on a moment's notice.

Even with the lightning quick delivery time that is at least five times quicker than most grocery services, Sumer is even one of the cheapest options available with a $1.99 service fee being added to the cost of groceries.

It all started in 2019 when the company's co-founders Mohammed Wasif and Frank Chen met during an internship. They soon started a company together offering grocery delivery to students in residence and quickly learned what it was those customers most wanted.

"As we did customer feedback we found people don't like to wait for groceries too long," Wasif told blogTO.

By offering 15 minute delivery times, customers no longer need to plan their day around getting groceries delivered.

Currently, the only areas being serviced by Sumer are around Harbourfront and near Morningside or Scarborough Town Centre. The company is hoping to focus on keeping customers in these areas happy as they begin to expand the business.

Future aspirations for Sumer include expanding to over 60 locations across Canada as well as opening their own warehouses where they can control the supply and price of groceries themselves rather than having to rely on sending drivers to stores.

Currently an app is being developed as the two seek out investors looking to jump on board and help them grow the business.

If all goes well, Sumer could be delivering groceries in your area sooner than you think.

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