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Toronto cookie shop is so popular it keeps opening new locations

One of Toronto's most popular spots for amazing cookies is quickly becoming too big for the city as Craig's Cookies has begun expanding all over Toronto and even into other Canadian cities.

Founded by Craig Pike, Craig's Cookies started in 2013 when the then out-of-work actor needed some quick cash so decided to make a few batches of his popular cookie recipe and sell them to friends and family via Instagram and Facebook. 

In just four weeks he sold over 2000 cookies and was soon bringing them to various flea markets and pop-up shops to be sold around the city. 

After a feature in Air Canada's enRoute Magazine as well as pop-up at Yorkdale Mall, Craig's Cookies finally got a permanent storefront location in April, 2018.

Now, just over three years later Craig's Cookies has expanded to four locations across Toronto with two more on the way. The newest Toronto store will be back in their old Yorkdale stomping grounds, with another location opening up in St John's, Newfoundland.

"I believe people have latched onto our brand because of our cookies and our story. It is my Mom's recipe which, in my humble opinion, is pretty spot on. I'm from Newfoundland, so I try to stay as honest and homegrown as possible," Pike told blogTO.

"I'm also a member of the queer community and have stayed true in keeping the business as a reflection of my personal ethics and morals. Treat people with respect, learn from your mistakes and give everyone a chance."

With sales that have surpassed over $14 million/year, it seems plenty of people have given Craig's Cookies a chance and it's left them coming back for more.

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Hector Vasquez

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