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Adamson BBQ is shutting down until further notice

Adamson Barbecue has announced they're shutting down until further notice, with this upcoming weekend as their last for now.

The closure comes hand in hand with the implementation of Ontario's vaccine passport on Sept. 22. The passport, which proves full inoculation against COVID-19, will be required for entry into businesses like restaurants, bars and gyms.

Adamson owner Adam Skelly sent out an email saying Sept. 17 and 18 would be the last weekend in business for the restaurant until further notice.

adamson toronto

Skelly at an anti-lockdown protest outside his restaurant. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

"I'm in a bit of a pickle," Skelly wrote. "Vaxpass into effect September 22. I can't, in good conscience, comply with these orders."

Skelly has been vocally opposed to lockdowns, opening during them in defiance with protesters gathering around the business

"The establishment has hijacked my industry, delegating the responsibility of enforcing their mandates onto us, without compensation and under threat of fines and criminal charges," Skelly tells blogTO.

"This industry is not the space for a liberty-minded entrepreneur, so I will no longer participate."

Three months ago, he mounted a constitutional challenge against Ontario in response to a closure order he receive under the Reopening Ontario Act.

"I'm bound by bail conditions (50k bond) and a court order to comply with the Reopening Ontario Act," Skelly's email continues.

"Disobeying would be a futile protest - the bylaw boiz will surely be monitoring my compliance, and when I don't, I'll be arrested and charged with contempt of court."

Although some people who had previously been to Adamson have said they'd never visit the restaurant again, a GoFundMe that was started to pay for Skelly's legal fees garnered around $300,000 worth of support.

"Today's necessary adaptation to keep the show going is to kneel to tyrants," reads Skelly's email. "No can do."

Lead photo by

Hector Vasquez

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