Graffiti Alley Ice Cream

Toronto's new ice cream is named after Graffiti Alley

If there's one thing Toronto loves it's references to our city. As evidence, look no further than how much most people in this city adore Scott Pilgrim.

That's why one of Toronto's newest businesses has decided to name themselves after a beloved landmark with the launch of Graffiti Alley Ice Cream.

Named after one of the city's most unique tourist attractions, this new ice cream cart offers GTA delivery and curbside pickup of their premium, no sugar added, made in Ontario desserts.

"We see ourselves as the graffiti of the ice cream world. Graffiti, as opposed to gallery/commissioned art, is freely accessible to anyone who walks by - it is always bold and most times it speaks the values and may even evoke the zeitgeist," founder Prashant Vasudeva told blogTO.

"In much the same way, we produce bold, unique flavours of premium ice cream that is accessible to all."

On top of being local and having no added sugar, Graffiti Alley ice cream boasts being Kosher, Halal, Gluten-free, Peanut-free, and keto/paleo/diabetic friendly.

It's truly a one stop shop ice cream when shopping for people with dietary concerns.

Since starting off, Vasudev has ridden his cart across the city showing up in different neighbourhoods and hoping to get his product in more stores.

So far, Haven Low Carb Cafe in the Beaches has become the first and only store to start selling Graffiti Alley Ice Cream.

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Graffiti Alley Ice Cream

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