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Toronto is getting a retro drive-in diner with roller skate carhops and disco parties

Okay, it's confirmed - roller skating is back and it is appearing all over Toronto

The newest upcoming roller-disco event will be The Dusty Star Drive-In Diner. The pop-up concept is recreating the nostalgic 1950's style drive-in diner with music, food, drinks, roller skate servers, market vendors and disco parties. 

The one-of-a-kind, immersive destination experience was born out of the idea to "have an outdoor 'social distance' friendly and fun activity while supporting local community businesses that suffered during the pandemic." 

"It was also due to the large resurgence of roller skate popularity in the last two years from TikTik, Instagram and more," said Creator and Event Producer Naomi Belcamino.  

The diner will have its own unique menu blended with local restaurants and chefs from, Sapori, Uncle Mikey's, Tanto and Super Empanada

True retro-classics will be on the menu like root beer floats and milkshakes ($5), fries ($5) and hot dogs ($5) all served in the iconic red and white chequered napkins. 

Although the diner's menu will also get a modern twist with menu items like the Tanto Steak Sandwich ($15), Sapori's Smash Burger ($13), Uncle Mikey's Kimchi Fries with Bodega Sauce ($8) and Super Empanada's Hot Dog ($9) to name a few. 

All delicious menu items will be served by a server on rollerskates and there will be picnic tables set up for people who don't have access to a car but still want to be served.  

DJs will play mixes of disco, funk and soul classics and people will be able to bring their own skates and enjoy the disco party atmosphere. 

"We aim to have a separate licensed outdoor bar and community market where artisans sell various vintage or handcrafted goods," said Belcamino.  

Opening weekend is August 13 while two other weekends are currently in the works and "If there is demand we will plan more events." 

The location has not been revealed yet, keep a close eye on their Instagram account for when they drop more details. 

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