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Toronto bakery makes hilarious video roasting robber who broke in

A robber who broke in to a Toronto bakery got more than they bargained for when the business posted a hilarious video that roasts the burglar.

Very early on Tuesday morning, someone broke into OMG Baked Goodness, and the shop posted a few photos and announcements about it on Instagram. About 48 hours later, they were already laughing at the criminal in a video they posted.

They created a voiceover for the security footage of the break-in, and as it looks like he's on the phone with someone before smashing the window, it has the robber promoting OMG's products.

"Of course I went to OMG baby, hell yeah I got the cupcakes," the voiceover says. "What? The chocolate, the chocolate vegan and the vegan gluten-free."

After also promising to pick up some grade A maple syrup from the bakery, the robber asks himself, "Ohhh, why did I forget to come here today?" before breaking in.

In a part two of the video, another voice says, "Hey, we don't keep maple syrup under the counter," as the security footage shows the robber rifling around behind the cash, fart sounds playing as his pants fall down. 

The video's a light-hearted take on something that initially hit the owner pretty hard.

"It was heartbreaking when we found out what happened," OMG owner Lesley Mattina tells blogTO.

The robber was looking for money but didn't find any, so only succeeded in wrecking the door and making away with some office supplies and a bike before escaping out the back. There had been a break-in a few doors down at Safehouse a few days earlier.

"We wanted to try and turn a negative into a positive and part two of the video really 'cracks' the case," Mattina says.

"If making the video fun brings more eyes on the bandit, then maybe that will help our neighbourhood, too."

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OMG Baked Goodness

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