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This coffee filter is one of the hardest things to get in Toronto right now

High-end coffee filters have joined the list of things people are desperately scrambling to get during the pandemic, similar to toilet paper, sanitizer, wipes, and near the beginning of lockdown, baking products like yeast.

It's the latest thing that's been in unexpectedly high demand since so many more people are making coffee at home rather than getting it out at stores right now. If you're a pour over drinker, you might have noticed it's been especially hard to get Chemex and Hario filters.

Troy Kelly of Outpost, which often stocks Chemex filters, told blogTO that "there have been significant supply chain issues for many manufacturers since COVID hit us" and that "top brands such as Hario are manufactured in Japan, so getting their stuff here is taking longer than expected."

"The worst for shortages has been Chemex, based in USA," Kelly says.

"But I can say with certainty that the biggest reason we are facing shortages is simply due to an overwhelming demand for coffee at home," he added. "At Outpost Coffee Roasters, our sales mix went from 10 per cent of sales for home use, to now 40 per cent of sales. The manufacturers simply were not ready for the demand."

Chemex even has an official notice on their website that reads: "Due to the current situation it is taking up to two weeks for shipping from when the order is placed. We will do everything we can to get products out as quickly as possible. Here at CHEMEX® we cherish our customers and greatly appreciate your support as we all navigate this together."

The notice continues, "We thank you for your patience and apologize for the delay as we work to increase our production. Please know that we are tirelessly doing all we can to fulfill orders, meet the demand and do what we love to do – provide CHEMEX® products for all to enjoy."

The Canadian distributor for Chemex, Eight Ounce Coffee, also has a blog post on their site informing people of the issue and advising them on how to deal with it.

"Back in the spring, ports in Asia with containers filled with goods bound for our shores were severely clogged up. Those delays cascaded to where the stream of goods was unpredictable, and shipping companies had to also deal with staffing shortages at the same time," reads another post about stocking issues.

"Some people had to wait weeks on end for their orders to arrive, when it normally would take days. Everyone is now aware of these issues and each company is dealing with it in different ways."

As a result, though, you might find it difficult to find filters at your regular local coffee shop or even online. While rushing to the cafe on the corner every time they post a notice about filters being back in stock is certainly an option, there are other ways to solve this issue for yourself as well.

While Eight Ounce may not always have standard paper filters in stock, they do have a variety of reusable environmentally friendly options. Usually made out of metal or cloth, they can offer a permanent solution to a pour over drinker's woes.

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