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McDonald's just permanently closed a location in Toronto

One of the busiest and tiniest McDonald's in Toronto has closed down for good. 

The 24-hour location at the corner of Danforth and Broadview — which will be remembered for its terribleness — has been papered up.

It now has a sign in the window that says: "This location is permanently closed. Thank you for your continued service over the years. We are immensely grateful for your support; it was truly a pleasure serving you and the families we provided for." 

Despite the chaotic energy, this McDonald's will be missed in its own particular way, especially for people who frequented the Danforth Music Hall and other venues nearby. 

Nostalgia for a pre-pandemic world of live shows might have some of us looking back fondly at how cramped and crowded the store would get after concerts.

The sensation of squishing against other strangers and catching a whiff of their post-mosh musk is but a distant memory, now. 

It wasn't so bad in the mornings, I guess, when the party-goers had left (except for the occasional puke bomb in the weird, buzz-in bathroom). RIP to one of the worst McDonald's in the city.

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