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The best and worst McDonald's in Toronto

McDonald's in Toronto is either total poison or carb-loaded treasure, depending on your perspective. Despite your opinion on the brand itself, locations can vary wildly in terms of cleanliness and service, though the neighbourhood and people inside these fast food outposts arguably have a greater impact on their overall appeal.

Here are my picks for the best and worst McDonald's locations in Toronto.

St. Clair station

You wouldn’t think it, but some of the best places to grab a Big Mac are actually in subway stations since you can get in and out quickly. This location is both inside a convenient transit hub and also usually offers pretty quick service.

Bloor across from the ROM

This location actually reopened recently so it's been renovated more recently than most, and it’s usually pretty nice in here in addition to being across from the museum and U of T campus.

Dufferin and Dupont

Not only is this location close to a gym and an LCBO, it's also near a strip of rehearsal studios so it’s perfect for post-practice fuel. It's also equipped with self service ordering stations, tons of seating and a drive-thru. The giant parking lot where it’s situated makes it easy to find a space, and there’s a bus stop right outside.

Union Station

Near event venues like Scotiabank Arena, the staff here are skilled at pumping out the free fries when Raptors score enough three-pointers. A general port in a storm for weary travelers of all kinds.


This location is well-situated for OCAD students in search of a cheap meal, and they have a reputation for good service.

Broadview and Danforth

You absolutely do not want to hit up this McDonald's after a concert at one of the many popular venues nearby, because this location gets completely chaotic.

King and Bathurst

You're generally going to want to stay away from major downtown streets when it comes to McDonald's. It seems the demand is just too great at spots like these where cleanliness and service tend to fall by the wayside.

King and Dufferin

Yeah, just avoid King when it comes to McDonald's, but this Parkdale strip mall location of the chain is hands down one of the worst if you ask almost anybody. Apparently they even run out of items sometimes.

Queen and Spadina

It almost doesn't seem to matter what time of day you hit up this location, it seems to be constantly mobbed. It's hard for staff to monitor its two levels, and it’s often filled with loud boisterous people who have been out on Queen, usually drinking heavily if it’s nighttime.


The McDonald’s where Roncesvalles, King and Queen intersect is not only pretty terrible, it's also easily beat out by so many other late night options right next to it that are arguably better. Why even bother?

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Ned Lyttleton

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