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This new cinnamon bun latte in Toronto is so popular it keeps selling out

If a cinnamon bun latte doesn't sound like the coziest thing you've heard of in Toronto all holiday season, you might just be a bit of a Grinch — especially considering the latte is a collab between two powerhouse local businesses.

Balzac's has teamed up with Amy Rosen, incorporating the flavour of her famed cinnamon buns into a hot drink. 

Rosen once had Rosen's Buns in Little Italy, but has since closed the shop. She's now come out with a cookbook, and her frozen buns and cinnamon spread are available for retail. The spread is made with all natural ingredients like caramel brown sugar and butter, and it's available at Balzac's in store and online.

A post announcing the arrival of the latte was posted on Balzac's Instagram, racking up over 300 likes, with comments like "Yum!" "This sounds delish," and "So excited for this."

"Diana [Olsen], the amazing owner of Balzac's got in touch with me a few weeks ago to collaborate. And that was it. One boss woman reaching out to another. We chatted logistics then I went to one of her cafes and we stirred two tablespoons of our Rosen's cinammon spread into a long shot of espresso, topped it with steamed milk and foam," says Rosen.

"Diane took a sip and said it may be her favourite latte ever. And we were off to the races! And then I promptly sold out of the spread. We'll have tons available mid-December."

The latte was available at all Balzac's locations, but was actually so popular upon launching that the indie coffee chain has burned through their entire available supply of cinnamon spread. There is limited supply left in certain cafes but that will go in a couple days, and it will take a couple weeks to restock.

Balzac's winter menu also includes an Oat Milk Cookie Latte and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Latte to tide you over while they're busy restocking Rosen's magical, super popular spread.

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