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25 restaurant patios for a date night in Toronto by neighbourhood

Patios for a date night in Toronto are in hot demand now that things are starting to head back in the direction of normal. Whether you're looking for a cozy spot to spend some time with a long term love, or testing out the waters with a potential partner, there's lots to choose from.

Here are some awesome patios in Toronto for a fabulous date night.

Baldwin Village

Take your date to Omai if they're fans of Japanese cuisine and a quaint neighbourhood that feels like you're in a completely different city. Start the night with some sake and small sharing plates on this adorable front yard patio. 

The Beaches 

Should you find yourself in the Beaches, looking for a date night destination, Xola's adorable sidewalk patio is an ideal spot for authentic Mexican cuisine. Have a romantic dinner for two before heading down to the water for a post-Xola stroll. 

patios toronto

Mercado Negro's patio is covered by colourful umbrellas. Photo by Hector Vasquez.


If you look up romance in the dictionary, a picture of Paradise Grapevine might be there. With overhanging vines, romantic lighting and a secluded backyard patio that gives off an "I think we're alone now" vibe, this is a fantastic choice to make a deep connection. 


If you and your date are beer enthusiasts, Burdock has an intimate sidewalk patio that's the perfect spot to get lovey-dovey over a shared interest in hops. Head to this relaxing patio for a casual date night, where you may even catch some live music! 

Danforth East

At The Wren, you and your date will have no choice but to cozy up to one another on their intimate front and curb lane patios. Oriented for optimal people-watching, order yourselves a cold beer and observe the neighbourhood together. 

patios toronto

Burdock on Bloor is the place for beer lovers. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

Davenport Village 

A local favourite, The Gem's luscious greenery provides the perfect backdrop for an amorous summer evening. Drink in the delicious flora on the periphery of your vision as you gaze at one another over a plate of the restaurant's popular nachos. 

Don Mills

Head to Casa Manila's exquisitely lit patio for a date night on a spacious patio with large red umbrellas. Prepare yourself for an amorous evening of Filipino cuisine under hanging lighting that will make you feel like you're in a dream. 

Dundas West

Should you find yourself in the mood for wine, head to Bar Mignonette's intimate rooftop patio. Cozy up with your date, delicately clink together your wine glasses, and gaze at the tops of people's heads as they walk by on the street below. 

patios toronto

Nodo in the Junction is a great place to catch up over some pasta. Photo by Fareen Karim.

Harbord Village

Rustic romance is on tap at Rasa's corner-sidewalk patio. Darkly distressed wood and grey brick give off an alluring vibe. Settle in for a memorable night of  cocktails and tapas-style dining.


You just might find yourself having a Lady and the Tramp spaghetti moment at the Nodo Junction sidewalk patio, where Italian comfort food is on the menu. With tables dotting either side of the sidewalk, you can be sure that on this romantic date destination your displays of affection are indeed, public.

Junction Triangle

A date night on Lucia's breezy sidewalk patio will have the two of you falling head over heels for the menu. Classic Italian cuisine made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients will fill your bellies and hearts. 

patios toronto

Vela is one of the hot new patios on King West. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

Kensington Market

If you're itching to impress your date with some innovative cocktails, the El Rey's patio is bound to delight. Head here for an extensive offering of mezcals in an outdoor space with sultry wooden furnishing. 

King West

Ever wanted to whisk your date off to an evening in another country? Lucky for you, Vela's picturesque sidewalk patio will have you feeling like you've stepped off King West and into a European cafe without ever having to show each other your embarrassing passport photos. 


Look, I'm no scientist, but if I were I'd tell you seafood is an aphrodisiac and pasta is the lovechild of flour and eggs. It only makes sense that romance is in the air if you're having date night on Wynona's elegant patio on Gerrard where seafood and pasta features heavily on the menu.

patios toronto

The patio is as inventive as the menu at Lake Inez in Little India. Photo by Fareen Karim.

Liberty Village 

The second of two locations in Toronto, Arvo Coffee and Wine is an ideal place for a date in the "arvo" (that's afternoon, for you non-aussies!). For those of us who love to go to bed early, a midday date on this patio sounds amazing. 

Little India

If you (or your date) are the type to gravitate toward the quirky and eclectic, well, you're both in luck at Lake Inez. Their curb lane patio is decked out with antique dresser drawers, hanging window frames, and string lighting. There'll be no conversational lulls when you can talk about the decor!

Little Italy

The simple and elegant patio at Pompette will definitely have you and your date feeling intoxicated by the atmosphere. Order yourselves some French cuisine and cocktails as you marvel at the stunning scenery (each other). 

patios toronto

Cote de Boeuf has clever intimate patio tables separated by doors and windows. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

Mount Pleasant

If you're in the mood for making memories, Piano Piano's Mount Pleasant location offers a scenic patio next to a beautiful and colourful mural. Pull out your camera and capture a candid photo of your date enjoying pizza and pasta next to the delightful backdrop.   


There's nothing more conducive to a date night than a two-top bistro table, and at Cote de Boeuf on Ossington, you'll get that and handy lesson in French from the menu. A perfect spot to lean in and gently correct each other's accents.


Some of us prefer privacy on a date, and at Happy Coffee and Wine that's exactly what you'll find. This secluded backyard oasis with warm wooden accents and vibrant greenery is the perfect spot to cozy up and get to know your partner.

patios toronto

Amal near Bay and Bloor has a beautiful patio. Photo by Hector Vasquez.


The curb lane patio at Boxcar Social is a lovely, shady spot for a date. The tables are set away from the hustle and bustle of the neighbourhood on a side street and are ideal for a casual coffee, a slightly more serious cocktail, or a date that involves both (your choice on the order they come in).

Rogers Road

Tantalizing thin-crust pizza is on the menu at North of Brooklyn's "pizza garden" on Rogers Road. Everyone knows pizza is perfect for sharing, and on this charming patio under the sky, the moon will hit your eye like a big pizza pie and... well... that's amore, isn't it? 

St. Clair West

A brightly coloured patio at Mercado Negro is the place to go for fun. How could anyone have a bad time on this patio? This spot is a visual feast, and don't even get us started on the menu. You and your date will be nothing but smitten with this patio (and each other...?).  

patios toronto

Go off the beaten path at Bernhardt's near Queen and Dovercourt. Photo by Fareen Karim.

Yonge and Bloor

The chic and airy feel of Amal's second-floor patio will have you and your date feeling like two free-spirits amidst the fresh, white decor and pops of green. If a great date can make you feel like you're floating on air, just imagine what heights you'll reach on this patio. 

West Queen West

What's more romantic than a bistro on a residential side street? Bernhardt’s quaint front yard patio on Dovercourt will have you saying "Oui! Oui!" to another round (and a second date, hopefully!) 

Lead photo by

Hector Vasquez at North of Brooklyn

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