Toronto bakery is now making cake with pie inside

What's better than pie and cake? Why, a cake with a pie inside, of course. One Toronto bakery has brought us this marvellous invention during a time when we're all eating our feelings.

The Rolling Pin is responsible for the creation. You can get a strawberry rhubarb pie baked into a vanilla cake, a pumpkin pie in a chocolate cake, an apple caramel pie in a vanilla cake, a blueberry crumble pie in a vanilla cake, or many other combinations you might dream up.

A post on Instagram of the piecaken has racked up over 800 likes. However, if you're one of the many people who want one, you're going to have to place your order a week in advance and fork over $75.

"These piecakens are a labour of love. First the pies need to be baked, then cooled. Once they are cooled our cake batter needs to be made. We place a layer of batter, then the cooked cooled pie in the center, then layer it with more cake batter," says Vanessa Baudanza of The Rolling Pin.

"We bake this for 2 hours before it is ready to come out of the oven. The piecaken needs time to cool before we can decorate the outside." She also suggests combinations like apple cranberry or cherry pie in vanilla cake or pecan pie in chocolate, saying "really the options are endless."

"At The Rolling Pin we always push limits and love creating jacked-up versions of desserts. We love cake, we love pie so why not smash them together and make something jacked-up and delicious rolling pin style?" says Baudanza.

"During Covid-19 we are not as busy as we usually are, so it has given us the time to have fun and experiment for our busiest fall season."

She says that fall and pie season is a favourite time at the bakery, and that not only is this a great way to combine two classic baked goods, it allows for a chance to highlight pie outside traditional apple picking months. Ordering is apparently already off to a great start.

"People are ordering these babies for summer picnics, and as a traditional birthday cake alternative," says Baudanza. "It allows people to combine their love for pie and cake together in a fun, delicious and very unexpected way."

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